Did everyone remember Aloha Friday? As the first Friday following Memorial Day, today marks the beginning of the summer Aloha Friday season.

Here are the details, in case you’ve forgotten them.

Anyway, I was thinking…  summers…  vacations…  Where would I like to go? I decided I’d list five national parks that I’d really like to see:

1) Acadia in Maine

2) Denali in Alaska

3) Badlands in South Dakota

4) Yosemite in California

5) Zion in Utah

You’ll notice that for the most part I’ve missed the Midwestern and Eastern parks. This is simply a matter of wanting to see portions of the country that are less familiar to me.

What would your five-destination list look like?

P.S.  In honor of Aloha Friday, here’s one more national park:

Hawai’i Volcanoes in Hawaii