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Wear lots of orange and walk right in

Blaze orangeA few days ago, our family was driving by some Pennsylvania state game land. Ordinary Spouse and I were chatting in the front seat, and I wondered out loud whether anyone could hike around on the land and if it would be safe or not.

From the back seat, Oldest Daughter chimed in…

Just wear lots of orange and walk right in!

We decided that was a decent philosophy for life in general.

6 + 3 = ?

At supper last night, we had this little exchange among Middle Daughter (age 8), Youngest Daughter (age 5), and Ordinary Mommy…

MD (turning to YD): What’s six plus three?

YD (after a pause): Nine!

OM (quizzically): How did you know that?

YD (matter-of-factly): Because when you make a nine-patch and you have a group of six, you need one more strip of three.

Say what?

Ordinary Spouse/Mommy/Homeschool Teacher laughs, because there are all these techniques for teaching addition, and then the child goes out and learns it from her quilting.

Nine patch

Youngest Daughter with her nine-nine-nine patch.

Men with long hair

Today, Ordinary Spouse overheard a conversation among our girls. They were debating whether men could have long hair…

Youngest Daughter: Doesn’t YouTube have long hair?

Her sisters (puzzled): What do you mean?

YD (with emphasis): I mean the guy who goes…


Ah, yes. That guy does have long hair…

Super Bowl parties

Oldest Daughter likes to plan parties. Yesterday, she had this conversation with Ordinary Spouse…

Oldest Daughter: So – what do people do to celebrate the Super Bowl?

Ordinary Spouse: Mostly, they just eat junk food and watch TV.

OD: So what happens at a Super Bowl party?

OS: Um… you eat junk food and watch TV together.

Mamma Mia!

Ordinary Spouse has an Abba album that she likes. The girls are starting to pick up some of the songs. Tonight, Youngest Daughter was singing Mamma Mia:

Mamma Mia!
Here I go again!
My, my!
How can I have a sister?

We buy foods while they’re fresh

Ordinary Spouse was shopping with the girls in Caputo’s yesterday. (She generally shops there when she wants fresh fruits and veggies; Aldi when she wants staples; and Meijer when she needs household supplies.)

They walked past the snacks, and Youngest Daughter peered down the aisle intently. Then she saw the cheese puffs…

Look! There are those crunchy, orange worm things! I think they’re in season now.

And of course, you should always buy food in season. It just tastes better.

Cheese puffs


(by Annulla)

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