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This week out of the forest… 2 July 2012

Well… here we go with another round of creatures sneaking out of the forest and into our house. I better get used to it.

First, we caught a fishing spider just a couple of feet from our bed…

Fishing spider

Other than the tarantulas that my father kept as pets, this is the biggest spider that I’ve seen. It was roughly four inches in length. We observed it for a few days and then released it back into the wild.

Then on Saturday, it was mice…

Duh. They came from outside. Hopefully, the cats have encouraged them to return there.

However, if the cats can’t convince the mice to leave, perhaps this fellow will…

Black snake

This 4′ or 5′ black snake was sunning itself on one of the stone pillars of our house. I tried to remove it, but it retreated into that hole in the wall.

Oh, well – could you find the mice while you’re in there?

Jack has a girlfriend

(He just doesn’t know it yet. Typical guy.)

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We brought Alexis home from the adoption center at PetSmart today. She was rescued by PURRS Naperville. Now Jack will have a friend.

For at least the first few days, Alexis will hang out in the girls room. Then we’ll gradually introduce the two to each other. But so far, it’s clear she’ll get along with us – she’s really laid back and hasn’t shown any signs of fear. She just wanted to be petted.

Wrapping up 2010: from a child’s view

Happy New Year, all!

I can’t believe the Christmas holiday has passed, and I didn’t manage to blog at all. I feel like I’m not yet ready to let go of 2010. And in that vein…

My girls love to use my wife’s camera. They just snap away as much as they like, and sometimes I have to grin at what they get on “film”. I realize that there is a “child-like” way of looking at the world, and often I lose sight of that. They see things differently than I do.

I’ve gone through their pictures and filtered them to pick out the ones that I like. The result really does give a nice snapshot of life in 2010. Enjoy!

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(In no particular order, you might see: Jack, the view around our house, self portraits, scenes from the bus stop, the Morton Arboretum, Goshen, travelling, Ames, Laurelville, our church building, the Brookfield Zoo.)

The pet poll

Jack would like to know…

Ed. note:

Ha! This is rich! The first two votes were both ‘other’:

– Husband
– Gecko

Trick or treat!

Plainfield’s trick-or-treating is happening, even as I type. I’m the official keeper of the candy for our house. Here’s my view as I wait for the next group of kids to come by…

Jack has been helping me keep watch…

Oh, wait – not that Jack. This Jack…

Here’s what we’re giving out…

Middle Daughter and Youngest Daughter went trick-or-treating with some friends…

Their candy should last until next Halloween.

Time for a sugar high!

Catching up with Jack…

Ordinary Spouse has taken a few interesting pictures of Jack in the last week, so I thought I’d share them so that you could be up-to-date on his shenanigans.

For those of you who don’t know your princesses, that’s Belle. I wonder what Jack is dreaming – affection or aggression?

Ordinary Spouse thought that maybe Jack was searching for the chicken that she had just cooked. However, the bones were in the trash, not on top of the fridge.

Volde-jack thinks that this would be a nice warm spot to sit if the people would turn it on more frequently.

And for those of you who were wondering, I still think that Jack likes me best. Yes – he still comes to sleep beside me at night.

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