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"We have nothing to offer each other, except a haven." – K. Nafziger

Easter faithfulness

So… may I share a secret?

I don’t know what to do with Easter.

Here’s the thing… I was scientist once upon a time. I still process the world that way. Yes, I may have come out as an ‘N’ the last time I took a Myers-Briggs test. Doesn’t matter. I still have a lot of ‘S’ buried inside. I analyze and test.

Everything. All the time.

And even when I act as an ‘N’ (which may or may not be a lot of the time now), I still have the ‘S’ part of me lurking nearby. And here’s the problem: Continue reading “Easter faithfulness”

If you’ve seen this picture and been moved by the story, I invite you to consider another point of view here.


I was reading an old Calvin and Hobbes strip this morning…


When did I stop being Calvin and start being the father?

(Actually… I may have never been Calvin to begin with.)

Jonas 2016 – the wrap-up

Well… Jonas came and Jonas went. He didn’t exceed expectations, but he didn’t really disappoint, either.

It’s hard to say how much snow we received. When I measured the depth yesterday morning, we were at 17″. But as the snow kept falling, it was clear that it was packing down. In the end, we probably got the two feet that we were supposed to get, but maybe not as much as some locations to the northeast.

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At 7:30 a.m. this morning (21 hours after the first flurries), we have 17″ inches of snow on the ground, although I think that the top is starting to pack the bottom. The temperature is 18 °F, but the windchill is 6 °F.

And now I have steel-cut oats and a warm cup of coffee for breakfast.:)

Jonas 2016 – Here we go!

We’re only minutes away from our first snowflake!:)

Something snowy this way comes!

And apparently, we’re calling this storm ‘Jonas’.

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