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"We have nothing to offer each other, except a haven." — K. Nafziger



6 + 3 = ?

At supper last night, we had this little exchange among Middle Daughter (age 8), Youngest Daughter (age 5), and Ordinary Mommy…

MD (turning to YD): What’s six plus three?

YD (after a pause): Nine!

OM (quizzically): How did you know that?

YD (matter-of-factly): Because when you make a nine-patch and you have a group of six, you need one more strip of three.

Say what?

Ordinary Spouse/Mommy/Homeschool Teacher laughs, because there are all these techniques for teaching addition, and then the child goes out and learns it from her quilting.

Nine patch

Youngest Daughter with her nine-nine-nine patch.


Who do you say that I am?

On Sunday, my congregation had a hymn sing. Each of the songs reflected on the question of “Who do you say that I am?”

Which makes this story all the more amusing…

I was talking to a member of our congregation before the service. After I left the row where she and her family were sitting, she overheard this from her niece and daughter:

Niece: Who was that guy?

Daughter: I don’t know, but I think he’s John the Baptist.

Oh, dear. And I sing with them every Sunday at the start of Sunday school, too.

Random stories from the morning

Youngest Daughter’s word of the day is “tastical”. As in…

Mommy, those are some tastical, blue socks you’re wearing!

In other news, I was brushing and shaving and washing this morning when I heard the noise. It sounded like someone knocking on the wall. The girls will do this from time to time – knock on the bathroom wall and expect me to knock back from the other side.

So I knocked back. But, no. The knocking was a bit more remote – not on the other side of the bathroom wall. I eventually concluded that they were knocking on the door of their bedroom. So I stopped paying attention for a little bit.

But the knocking continued… and grew louder… and eventually there were people shouting in angry voices that they wanted to be let into the room. Well, eventually I went to see what was going on, and arrived just in time to see Somewhat Frustrated Mommy also arriving on the scene and then opening the door for the girls to go into their room.

Into their empty room.

You see, we’ve trained them to respect privacy so well that when the door happened to be closed, they assumed someone was inside. And then they got frustrated that no one answered. And then angry. Which led to the shouting. At no one.

But we forget to consider the possibility that there wasn’t actually anyone in the room. It didn’t matter that the door doesn’t have a lock on it. We just stand and knock.



Two short YD blurbs

This morning when Youngest Daughter woke up, she wandered into the kitchen and climbed onto my lap at the table.

YD: Which is the leg that hurts?

Me: The one that you aren’t sitting on.

(YD pets the other leg like it’s a cat.)

YD: Poor, poor leg. Poor, poor leg.

A little later she was describing her planned Halloween costume – a ballerina princess.

YD: I’m going to wear a royalous crown!

Five for Friday… The back-to-school special

Whew! We’ve made it through our first week of school. To highlight the week, “Five for Friday” is brought to you by the rest of the family…

1) We have a name for our home school:

Rainbow House of Learning

2) You don’t have to be a student here in order to get an award. Each of the girls won Rainbow Awards this week:

Oldest Daughter for demonstrating exceptional enthusiasm and effort in her first week of home school;

Middle Daughter for making her own lunch and for trying her best during her first week at Eagle Pointe;

Youngest Daughter for a great job of reading her ABCs in the bathtub.

3) MD’s favorite part of school was receiving a red ticket for good behavior. At the end of the month, the teacher randomly selects three red tickets to win prizes. Her favorite bit of learning was math. It sounds like they are reviewing numbers.

4) At the Rainbow House of Learning,  OD’s favorite subject this week was a unit on rocks, gems, and minerals. This unit will continue next week, as well. One highlight was examining kitchen crystals under a microscope. (Thanks, Dad.)

5) Music lessons are the extracurriculars right now. MD started piano lessons during the summer. This past week, she was excited to let her teacher know that she had already played “Ode to Joy” on her mom’s psaltery. With raised eyebrow, the teacher asked Ordinary Spouse what a psaltery was. It will go along to next week’s lesson.

OD begins violin lessons on Monday. This past week, she picked up her rental instrument. As she was leaving the store, Youngest Daughter said quietly and with quivering lip, “I wish I could have a pet violin.”

All in good time, YD.

Speaking of cute things from my daughters…

Since I noted earlier today that I should share more stories about the girls for their grandparents, I’ll share this report from Ordinary Spouse:

I just had a “veggie wedgie” at the Baby Cafe. 🙂

It turns out that Middle and Oldest Daughters were playing restaurant.

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