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Photo of the Day – 5/20/2014

May 20, 2014

This week in the garden… 19 May 2011

A little sun, a little warmth, and a bit of moisture… everything is off and growing!

First row:

  • The first miniature iris are blooming…
  • … as are the tall ones.
  • Lily of the valley is spreading around the flower bed.
  • Russian sage will take over if you let it.
  • Delphinium was planted last year, but hardly grew at all. Now it’s going to town!
Second row:
  • Ordinary Spouse loves wave petunias.
  • Astilbe is becoming a regular.
  • Oldest Daughter likes her money plant.
  • I don’t think that the lilac has had more blooms than it has this year.
  • The sun sets over Plainfield.

This week in the garden… 28 February 2011

I had to resume my “This week in the garden” series today. Tomorrow, it will be March and these pictures need to be posted in order to prove that Spring is already showing up in February.* Ordinary Spouse first noticed these signs of spring a few days ago:

Iris, mums, croci(!), tulips, and the money plant are all showing the first signs of new life.

Last year at this time, Ordinary Spouse made her profound observation about this being the time for Lent. It bears repeating:

In my backyard the snow is melting, revealing last summer’s broken toys, leaf and twig detritus from fall, a winter’s worth of escaped bits of trash and spring’s first mud-holes. It must be Lent.

* Actually, I wouldn’t mind another major snow. I sort of enjoyed the blizzard. But spring will be nice, too. The hottest, most humid, most mosquito-infested days of summer are the ones that I struggle with.

This week in the garden… 25 May 2010

Wow – somehow I’ve managed to go for a month and a half without garden pictures.  And it was the month and a half when everything just took off.  So without further delay, here’s what’s growing this week…

(BTW – check out the close ups of the flax.  I think those are pretty cool.)

Top row: Mother’s Day basket from Youngest Daughter (running in the background), pink peonies, white peonies, spirea, and Russian sage

Middle row: Lavender (with a bit more Russian sage), obedient plant, phlox, chives, and geranium

Bottom row: Flax, more flax, even more flax, apple mint, and iris

The last three weeks in the garden… 20 March 2010

I haven’t given my blog much attention during the last three weeks, and during that time spring has been making its appearance.  A week or two ago, the usual floral friends started bursting out of the ground:

Ordinary Spouse and the girls cut a branch off our lilac and brought it inside to brighten our home.  It is now pushing out some greenery.  And throughout most of last week, we enjoyed sunny days with sixty degree temperatures.  Ironically, spring arrived yesterday with a dusting of snow.  However, it didn’t last long, and the weather is expected to turn warmer again this week.

This week in the garden… 30 May 2009

First row: peonies, more peonies, iris, more iris, wallflowers

Second row: False dragonhead, lavender, hibisicus shoots, rose bud

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