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"We have nothing to offer each other, except a haven." — K. Nafziger


Oldest Daughter

May 10, 2014
Dorothy Meets Alice: The Wizard of Wonderland

Oldest and Middle Daughters were part of the cast for today’s performance of “Dorothy Meets Alice: The Wizard of Wonderland” at the Geyer Performing Arts Center in Scottdale. Wonderful work, girls!

May 9, 2014
Rose-breasted grosbeak

Today’s photo was actually taken yesterday by Oldest Daughter, but it’s so beautiful that I wanted to share it.

March 19, 2014
Caddisfly larva with a case of leaves

Oldest Daughter is the guest photographer today. She spotted this caddisfly larva while exploring Jacob’s Creek.

March 17, 2014
Your very own, personal octopi

Oldest Daughter is cool. She was playing around and created her own pattern to make little octopi. It takes her about one hour to crochet one. Now they’re popping up all over the house.

March 8, 2014
Gathering sap

Another maple-syrup-related picture – Oldest Daughter emptying the bags we use to gather maple sap.

February 17, 2014
‘Tis the season for icicles!

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