Inspired by an article in a local paper and by a colleague who is Hawaiian, my co-workers and I have declared today (and every Friday through Labor Day) to be Aloha Friday!  What does this mean?  (I’m glad you asked.)  It means that you find your loudest shirt and wear it to work.  Then when you have an all-division meeting (such as the one that we had today), your division director gives you funny looks.  But beyond that, it’s an excuse to have some fun, share a festive mid-afternoon snack, and… um… well, get funny looks.  (My group has a core of people who specialize in getting and giving funny looks.)

Here are some rules from the newspaper article, just in case you want to start your own Aloha Friday:

A few rules for wearing Hawaiian shirts:


  • Do buy at least one size too large
  • Do believe that louder is better
  • Do compliment another guy on his rockin’ shirt
  • Do wear them with a solid blazer for formal occasions.


  • Don’t ever tuck them in, unless you are Thomas Magnum
  • Don’t wear them with a necktie
  • Don’t wear a shirt with matching pants or shorts
  • Don’t wear a matching shirt with your spouse

(Southtown Star, Admired or hated, Aloha shirts make a statement, May 19, 2009)