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"We have nothing to offer each other, except a haven." — K. Nafziger




At 7:30 a.m. this morning (21 hours after the first flurries), we have 17″ inches of snow on the ground, although I think that the top is starting to pack the bottom. The temperature is 18 °F, but the windchill is 6 °F.

And now I have steel-cut oats and a warm cup of coffee for breakfast. 🙂


Jonas 2016 – Here we go!

We’re only minutes away from our first snowflake! 🙂

Something snowy this way comes!

And apparently, we’re calling this storm ‘Jonas’.

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The storm of 2016… evidently it’s still coming

The forecast this morning is actually calling for more snow than yesterday’s forecast.


It’s all good. We bought the last gallon of milk off of the grocery store shelves yesterday.

And coffee. We have coffee.

The coming storm of 2016?

I’ve been complaining since December that the Shenandoah Valley hasn’t had a proper winter. I think that the high actually hit 70 °F a few times in December.

That may be about to change…

Harrisonburg 7-day forecast as of January 20

Sixteen to twenty-four inches of snow? I’ll take it.

Stay tuned…

This week in the forest… March 4, 2014

It’s time to tap the sugar maples!

Forecast - 3/4/2014We have a week of daytime highs above freezing and nighttime lows below freezing. Perfect!

Actually, we have already tapped one maple… a red maple. And Ordinary Spouse boiled down the first batch of sap today…

Syrup from a red maple

We had heard that red maples make perfectly fine syrup, but that the sugar concentration in the sap isn’t as high. (In other words, the sap has to be boiled longer.) Since there is an easily accessible red maple right outside our back door, we decided that a little experiment was in order. Based on the initial taste test, this syrup will work out just fine… 🙂

Ordinary Spouse and I were out for a hike today. We noticed quite a bit of clubmoss poking through the snow.

ClubmossI was hoping that this was a sign of spring, but it turns out (as far as I can tell) that clubmoss is evergreen. So, yes – this qualifies for ‘this week in the forest’, but it also qualifies for many other weeks.

We also saw some evidence of the severity of this winter, while we were hiking today…

Eaten to deer heightMany of the rhododendron near our house have had their leaves chewed off to deer height. I’ve read that rhododendron aren’t the favorite food of deer, but evidently they’ll eat them if the need is great enough. I’m not used to being able to see underneath them (as in the last photo).


This week in the forest… 24 October 2013

I should be at work right now. Instead, I’m wrapped in a num-num, sitting in the La-Z-Boy in front of our fireplace, watching Mumford and Sons, and taking selfies of my miserable self.

Not feeling well
Not feeling well

Yep – cold and flu season has arrived, and I’m a casualty. Fittingly, Middle Daughter spotted the first snowflakes of the year earlier this afternoon. Mixed with rain.

Slushflakes. 😦

Weather forecast - Oct 24th

(Note that the temperature is 41 °F, but it feels like 34 °F. Also, the “scattered sprinkles and flurries”. Yep – one of those days for me.)

So instead of dwelling on ‘now’, which is gunky, let us acknowledge it and then move on. Here are some beautiful sights from earlier this week…

Babbling Red maple, green moss Naturally saturated Wet leaf Yellow brick road

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