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"We have nothing to offer each other, except a haven." — K. Nafziger



Ornaments of joy

You may have your color-coordinated Christmas tree with classy ornaments. Not us. These are our favorites…

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Things seen at a Turks game

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I was reading an old Calvin and Hobbes strip this morning…


When did I stop being Calvin and start being the father?

(Actually… I may have never been Calvin to begin with.)

New Year’s abomination

My mother-in-law’s Russian Mennonite family traditionally enjoys New Year’s Cookies (portzelky) on New Year’s Day. They’re basically deep-fried, sugar-coated raisin fritters. Nothing like breaking every weight loss resolution before noon, eh? Here are this morning’s treats…

New Year's Cookies

And then I had to go and mess things up by mashing New Year’s Cookies together with fruitcake. Nice!

New Year's fruitcake

I think I’ve desecrated something here. 🙂

Here we go again…

Yep — here we go again… the royal “we”, in this case, picking up pen and paper (keyboard and screen, if you prefer) and giving the brain some space to process whatever clutter is there.

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Sugar time (2015)

Yesterday, with this forecast for the coming days…

Maple sugaring time has arrived!
Maple sugaring time has arrived!

…we dashed out to tap our favorite sugar maple trees.

Large sugar maple

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