Yep — here we go again… the royal “we”, in this case, picking up pen and paper (keyboard and screen, if you prefer) and giving the brain some space to process whatever clutter is there.

Here we go again… the Ordinary Family is “on the way” to the Mennonite Church USA convention in Kansas City. (“On the way” happens to be the theme for this year’s convention.) Six years ago when this blog was young, I was writing from the cold floor of our hotel while at convention.

Here we go again… no, actually we never stopped; we’re still at it. The Mennonite Church in the United States is filled with anxiety. Some of us want everyone to be welcome at the table. Some of us think that would be unfaithful. And we don’t know how our decision makers will proceed.

Everyone welcome

Aside #1: If you’re wondering how I feel, this was my original blog header image:

Aside #2: If you’re at Kansas City, I’d welcome more conversation in person, since blogs are awful places for that. Let’s get together for coffee.

Aside #3: For whatever reason, I’m not at all anxious about this convention, perhaps because I get to spend all my time with preschoolers.

Here we go again… the Ordinary Family is getting ready for another big move. It wasn’t planned this way… a busy trip to convention, followed by a month to pack, and then moving to a new town, a new home, new jobs, and new schools. But I guess when it rains, it pours. More on those changes in future posts.

Here we go again… faithful readers (I guess that’s my mom), you’re welcome along for the ride.

Here we've come; here we go.
Here we’ve come; here we go.