February 2, 2014
My desk

Today ended up being another day without much opportunity for taking photos. With guests on the Laurelville grounds until noon, I stayed busy with hosting in the morning and then closing buildings until early evening.

So instead of an artistic and aesthetically pleasing photo today, I’m giving you another “slice-of-life” photo. This is my desk, plus other office space that I seem to be annexing. Here’s what I see, when I look at the picture…

An explanation of the 'Photo of the Day'

  1. My computer.
  2. Two different coats for the crazy weather we’ve been having.
  3. Towels for drying off the seat of my work vehicle, which has a roof but no sides.
  4. Coffee mugs. Many coffee mugs.
  5. The Clipboard. Yes – it’s capitalized. It has all the information needed for the weekend groups.
  6. My half-gallon water tank.
  7. Cereal bowls from hastily eaten meals.
  8. A tub of lost-and-found items that guests forgot to take with them.
  9. A map of the Laurel Highlands.
  10. My bulletin board with bits of wisdom and inspiration, as well as the schedule for the coming month.
  11. Phone numbers and note tablet for when I need to answer the camp phone.
  12. Extra pair of shoes.
  13. Supplies for starting campfires (including a torch!).
  14. Batteries for smoke detectors.
  15. Makeshift window blind for sunny days (made from a sheet of brown paper).
  16. Liturgical calendar.
  17. Umbrella, just barely peeking out.
  18. Extra garbage bags.