Here we are: Superbowl Sunday. I’ve heard it described as the biggest day in sports for the United States. So what’s up with the homepage? Here’s a screenshot from this morning: - Feb 2, 2014 @ 9 am ESTThe words ‘Super Bowl’ are mentioned twice, each at the very bottom of a section. (In the one case, ‘Super Bowl’ was even clipped in half.) You might also recognize that the various NFL awards are handed out on Super Bowl weekend: MVP, player of the year, rookie of the year, Hall of Fame enshrinement. (But then again, you might not know this if you aren’t a football fan.)

Instead, top billing goes to college basketball, and there is plenty of room for other stories, as well.

Could it be that football is in decline?

It’s ok with me – I’ve already watched the commercials online… including this one, that the NFL would prefer that you not see: