Seventeen years ago, Ordinary Spouse and I received a drip coffee maker as a wedding present. A few years ago (five maybe?), Ordinary Spouse bought me a French press, as well. We’ve enjoyed lots of coffee from these two… until this week, when Ordinary Spouse broke the French press and I broke the carafe of the drip maker.

Crisis! The only way left to prepare coffee was with a sock from Cambodia…

Khmer coffee sock
Khmer coffee sock

MochaHappily, Khmer coffee tastes just fine. Nevertheless, the free drink on my Starbucks card provided a much-appreciated caffeine jolt today, and I took the opportunity to reduce their French press inventory by one. Based on the two tastes I’ve performed on the new press, I expect that it should serve us well for years to come… or at least until our next coffee crisis shows up.

Testing the new press
Coffee crisis averted