(This is part of a series of things that I should have recorded in 2013 – things which were highlights of the year, but which didn’t get recorded when they were fresh in my mind. Now you mostly just get pictures.)

Happy Anniversary!

In August, Ordinary Spouse and I celebrated our 17th anniversary. My parents kept the girls for a night, and OS and I celebrated in Hagerstown, Maryland.

We began with a pleasant stop at the Washington County Museum of Art, and a walk around Hagerstown City Park. After checking into our hotel, we caught some local minor league baseball action. The hometown Hagerstown Suns defeated the Lakewood Blueclaws. The game had its Class-A moments all the way from the national anthem through to the end. But it also had some major-league fielding, as I recall, and minor league ball is always fun.

The next day, we spent some time at Antietam National Battlefield, reflecting on the insanity of war. How ironic that the battle began around the church building of a pacifist group…

Dunker Church
Dunker Church at Antietam National Battlefield

The irony seems to be lost on these folks…

Battlefield Bible Church
Battlefield Bible Church: Battles inside or out?

And then we finished our little celebration by stopping at an outlet mall. Oh, well…