(This is part of a series of things that I should have recorded in 2013 – things which were highlights of the year, but which didn’t get recorded when they were fresh in my mind. Now you mostly just get pictures.)

Review: McDonald’s oatmeal

Last May, the Ordinary Family stopped for a meal at McDonald’s. (Forgive us! Our options were limited! It only happened once!) Since I’d previously reviewed the oatmeal at Starbucks and at Chick-fil-A, I thought I’d share my thoughts on McDonald’s version, as well…

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Clearly, I took some pictures for a review. And I may have taken some notes to help me remember my oatmeal experience. But those have long since disappeared. So here’s an educated guess at what I would have said…

The quick oats aren’t anything to write home about. The flavor is ok. The preparation was lacking (see the excess water in one picture). The option of adding raw apples is a nice touch. If you’re at McDonald’s, go ahead and eat the oatmeal. But why are you at McDonald’s?