(This is part of a series of things that I should have recorded in 2013 – things which were highlights of the year, but which didn’t get recorded when they were fresh in my mind. Now you mostly just get pictures.)

January 26 – Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Shortly after our trip to Black Rock, I took the girls to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. (It must have been Field Trip Week at the Rainbow House of Learning!) We spent the entire day and had a great time. The bad news is that my pictures are poor. The good news is that my parents gave us a family membership to the Carnegie Museums for Christmas. Expect more pictures!

Middle Daughter was also taking pictures that day. Being the aspiring ornithologist that she is, she took about 70 pictures (yes – 70!) of the museum’s bird collection, including the family favorite – the ivory-billed woodpecker.

Ivory-billed woodpecker

Birdorable ivory-billed woodpecker