Catching up on last week’s fun…

My uncle is a plant pathologist in Virginia, working with the apple industry. Through his generosity, the rest of the family gets apples. We spent last Wednesday making apple sauce with my parents.

The jars and apples stand ready:

Blessed coffee?However, there shall be no saucing until we’re all awake! The official coffee of this year’s apple sauce party is brought to you by the monks at Saint Vincent Abbey. (“The Saint Lazarus Blend: bold enough to wake the dead!”)

Once the caffeine was coursing through our veins (ok – my veins; no one else was feeding an addiction), we set to work on the apples. We had a mix of Stayman, Idared, Suncrisp, and Golden Delicious, which resulted in sauce that was just slightly tart, slightly pink, and very delicious.

Suncrisp, Idared, Stayman (L to R)

Apples were washed, cut, and cooked until soft:

Then comes everyone’s favorite part: cranking the apples through the food mill!

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We filled quart jars and put them through the canning bath:

FillingCanningBy midday, things were moving right along…

In the end, we actually cranked out 62 quarts, which should keep us enjoying apples for the next year!

Apple sauce!Many thanks to my uncle for the apples, and to my parents for a wonderful party!