I should be at work right now. Instead, I’m wrapped in a num-num, sitting in the La-Z-Boy in front of our fireplace, watching Mumford and Sons, and taking selfies of my miserable self.

Not feeling well
Not feeling well

Yep – cold and flu season has arrived, and I’m a casualty. Fittingly, Middle Daughter spotted the first snowflakes of the year earlier this afternoon. Mixed with rain.

Slushflakes. 😦

Weather forecast - Oct 24th

(Note that the temperature is 41 °F, but it feels like 34 °F. Also, the “scattered sprinkles and flurries”. Yep – one of those days for me.)

So instead of dwelling on ‘now’, which is gunky, let us acknowledge it and then move on. Here are some beautiful sights from earlier this week…

Babbling Red maple, green moss Naturally saturated Wet leaf Yellow brick road