(For when the best is just too much.)

Derek's red ribbon marmalade

Ordinary Spouse thought it would be funny to rename this blog or create a new Facebook page in honor of the pink grapefruit marmalade I entered in the Westmoreland County Fair. In a very respectable showing, my marmalade won the second-place red ribbon (out of two entrants).* And so she suggested the title, “Derek’s Red Ribbon Marmalade”, and the tagline, “For when the best is just too much”. I agreed it would be fun, but I couldn’t see myself putting in the effort to keep a Facebook page going (I have enough trouble with ‘High in the Alps‘), and I didn’t think that one red ribbon was sufficiently momentous to merit its own blog. So instead, you just get this blog post.

* In my defense, the judges were under no obligation to award me second place. I could have been third or fourth out of two entrants!

The fair was a really enjoyable family bonding time this year, and we’re already looking forward to the next one! We’ll try to improve on this year’s showing. 🙂

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