At 8 o’clock when I began work this morning, the sky was overcast. As I stood at the office talking to two of my colleagues, we began getting hit by drops of rain, and after a minute or two the drops became sufficiently annoying to chase us inside. It didn’t occur to me then that those drops would be the beginning of something dramatic.

Over the next two hours, this storm system moved through the area…

Radar loop - Aug 23, 2013

(The yellow dot is Laurelville. The radar loop pauses at 8 a.m.)

And we received about 3″ of rain…

Total precipitation - Aug 23, 2013And even by 9:30 a.m. or so, I didn’t realize that anything special was going on. But that’s when one of my colleagues saw that the water level of Jacob’s Creek had risen… quickly.

Waterfall - Aug 23, 2013For comparison, this is more than 9 to 12″ higher than the level of the creek during Hurricane Sandy. It’s high! Those of you familiar with this area will realize that there isn’t supposed to be water running in the foreground. That’s the overlook where people usually stand to watch the creek. And there isn’t supposed to be water running in the background, either. The creek jumped its boundaries upstream, was running over the neighbor’s land, and was coming down the bank again, just below the waterfall.

Here are some more photos from the morning…

Looking upstream(Upstream, the water comes over the wall onto the patio of Metzler Cabin.)

Metzler patio

(At Metzler Cabin, the water rushes over the patio.)


(Jacob’s Creek flows in front of the Office. It isn’t supposed to do that.)

Water at the playground

(The creek runs through the playground. It’s not supposed to do that, either.)

To conclude my little report, here are three videos from the day. In the first one, watch for the tree washing over the waterfall.