The rest of the Ordinary Family has been working hard on a garden this year.* It provides a mixture of food for our table, entries for the fair (more on that shortly), and the satisfaction that comes from working with the earth. It is reaching its peak right now, and we visited it last night.**

* On the other hand, I have only admired their work. I’m like those animals who did nothing while the Little Red Hen was busy making bread… except that in the end, I eat the bread.

** We don’t have garden space at Laurelville, but we have a generous friend at church with extra space in her garden.

Multi-tiered garden

The multi-tiered garden

The women have planted a mixture of flowers (far right, out of the picture), sunflowers (far left, tall!), sweet corn (back center and right), beans (front and center), tomatoes (hiding behind the beans), carrots, and maybe some other things.

Tonight at supper, we enjoyed the harvest…

SupperSweet corn and tomatoes from the garden, plus Ordinary Spouse’s bread. Thanks, honey!