Double Stuff OreosA package of Double-Stuff Oreos recently showed up in our kitchen.* My family knows that, in general, an unopened package is a safe package. However, once opened, things seem to disappear quickly.**

* They may have been a gift from my parents to their grandchildren, but around here I always impose what I call ‘the daddy tax’. Thanks.

** Blue Pom Wheat-fuls behave similarly. My family has gotten pretty smart about this stuff.

So I was keeping an eye on the package, and suddenly it went from unopened to this:

Personalized oreo ziploc bags!Each of us had a personalized ziplock bag of cookies! Which, of course, made me laugh…

Curses! I’ve been foiled!!

As for the eight Oreos in the bag labeled ‘Daddy’, they immediately became this:


If one cookie is a double-stuff, is this a deci-hexa-stuff?

Amazingly, I haven’t eaten it yet.