Variety! Lots is happening in the forest this week. (Or should that be ‘Lots are…’?) The highlight of the last few days has been seeing three new warblers – birds I didn’t even know existed, but here they are in the woods around Laurelville. On Monday, just hanging out around the house…

And then last night on a walk with Ordinary Spouse…

My camera is such that I would never get good pictures of these birds, but others have generously provided images available for use:

L to R: Chestnut-sided warbler, northern waterthrush, black-and-white warbler
Image credits: MdfKelly Colgan AzarWilliam H. Majoros

The rhododendron are pushing out new leaves now – interesting, since other trees were sending out leaves a month ago.

And here’s an eight-spotted forester for your viewing pleasure.

Eight-spotted forester