Last year on Memorial Day, I was taking some final pictures of our home in Illinois. Ordinary Spouse and the girls had already moved to Laurelville. I had one more week of work at Argonne before following them. This was the final picture of our house:

Home in PlainfieldTwo weeks ago, we received this news:

House fireThe Plainfield Patch reports that the home was occupied by a family of eight, and that everyone (including the family dog) got out safely, so that is good news. (I don’t have any additional information on the family. We sold the house to a corporation which rented it out.) There are some additional pictures, all taken by contributors to Plainfield Patch.

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Ordinary Spouse and I have some mixed emotions. We really weren’t too upset in general, but we were slightly stunned, saddened by some small things*, and very thankful that we sold the house, rather than becoming landlords.

* We put a fair amount of time into painting the outside, installing hardwood floors in our living room, and tending the flower beds. Those things came to mind when we saw the pictures.

What a difference a year makes, yes?