What Shat That?

After Monday night’s excitement (Ursus americanus in the yard), I set out yesterday morning to look for more signs of our visitor: scat, tracks, claw marks on trees, whatever. Before heading out, I consulted two books that we have for such occasions: What Shat That? and Scats and Tracks of North America.

Scats and Tracks(I know… you’re wishing you had these books, too.)

Alas, no other signs were to be found (by me). The good news is that it rained yesterday and last night. I’ll go out again today to look for tracks in the mud.

Nevertheless, a walk in the woods isn’t wasted, even if you don’t find what you’re looking for. Yesterday’s highlights included…

Jack-in-the-pulpitJack-in-the-pulpit is a gem of a wildflower.

The forest floorThe forest floor is rich in diversity.

GreenRight now, the forest is so green it hurts my eyes.

Update #1 –

I forgot! We also have a red-headed woodpecker at our feeder right now. This bird is unbelievably beautiful. Unfortunately, this picture won’t do it justice.

Red-headed woodpecker