Tonight after dark, I opened the back door of our house. A black bear was coming up our steps – fifteen feet away.

It immediately turned and retreated, but only to the other corner of our house. I peaked around the corner. It looked back at me. I used our cell phone to call Ordinary Spouse inside the house to alert her. And the bear rambled farther away…

To our compost pile. Apparently the bear was already familiar with it. We may have to cease the composting for a while in order to encourage the bear to go elsewhere for food. As much as I enjoyed seeing it, we don’t want it to become a nuisance here.

While Ordinary Spouse watched it at our compost pile, I made my way to our van (since I needed to run into town). When I made it to our driveway, the bear took off farther into the woods.

And that’s the excitement for tonight!