May has arrived in beauty in the Laurel Highlands!

Forecast - May 1, 2013

We’ve got none of this:

Instead, we’ve got this, which arrived at our feeder for the first time yesterday:

"Ruby-throated hummingbird" by Oldest Daughter
“Ruby-throated hummingbird” by Oldest Daughter

And we have my favorite wildflower, the red trillium:

Red trillium

Oaks have the most interesting delicate leaves when they burst out, but I had never seen them before this year:

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(White, red, and scrub oak)

And check out this cute oak forest sprouting up:

Oak forest

May apples are carpeting the forest floor in other places:

May apples carpeting the forest

I was puzzled when I saw this on a young tree. At first, it reminded me of a magnolia bud, but closer inspection showed it was clearly a compound leaf. Turns out, it’s a shagbark hickory.

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Two more gems on forest floor:

Fiddlehead ferns
Fiddlehead ferns
Halberdleaf yellow violet
Halberdleaf yellow violet

But we have some less desirable growth, as well. Garlic mustard and common bugleweed are invasive. And poison ivy is, well… you know.

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To celebrate the beautiful day, Middle Daughter and I did a little biking on the Coal and Coke Trail between Mount Pleasant and Scottdale.

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(P.S. Thanks to all the parents for my Christmas/birthday present!)