Last Thursday, I read that the Senate had voted to allow the Federal Aviation Administration to end employee furloughs…

(The furloughs came about, of course, because of The Sequester – the across-the-board cuts to the federal budget aimed at reducing the national debt.)

And at a speed which seems nearly unimaginable for Washington, the House also passed the measure which will soon be signed by the President.

And in response to this news, I thought…

(Derek effects a sarcastic voice.)

Typical politics. We should all share the burden of our country’s fiscal problems. Except when it annoys me. That’s different.

So those of us with power and money and votes – the middle class, the business class, the rich – get our way. Heaven forbid that we be inconvenienced in any way.

And meanwhile, those in our society whose voices we have grown adept at ignoring – those without wealth or power, the sisters and brothers that Jesus mentions in Matthew 25 – well, they’ve been ignored again.

I know the problem is more complex. I know that some of the budget cuts will hurt our economy more than others. I know how awful airport lines can be.

Nevertheless, I think it’s a shame that the things that inconvenience those who are relatively comfortable take priority over things that actually hurt those who were already uncomfortable.

But here’s the thing… I haven’t done anything to stop this.

I could complain that the government monolith will do what it’s gonna do, with or without my two cents. But the fact of the matter is that I’m still holding those copper coins.

This is the anger and frustration I’m dealing with tonight.