Oh, dear… It’s been over a month since I’ve blogged. I’m scrambling to get this finished so that I can claim one post for the month of March.

It’s not that we haven’t had a lack of interesting things happening…

  • The maple sap keeps flowing. We probably have two gallons of syrup in our refrigerator right now.
  • Lent, in all its fishy-ness, came to Western Pennsylvania.
  • Our family had a wonderful time at Camp Andrews for regional MCA gathering. It was great to meet other camp families.
  • Our poor kitty, Jack, nearly died from a urinary blockage. He seems to be healthier now, but we’re watching him closely.
  • Spring has arrived, at least on the calendar. Yesterday, I snapped the first crocus blooming outside our house, so I guess spring is here somewhere.

Yellow crocus - March 30, 2013

But this post isn’t about those things.

Yesterday, the Ordinary (yet adventurous) family hit the road to visit a locally popular destination — Mammoth Park.

Mammoth Park that way!

Just get on PA 982 and follow the signs. You’re bound to meet a cross-section of the local population.

What is the attraction? A slide. A big slide. A huge slide. A Mammoth slide!

Well – ok, let’s not overdo ourselves, shall we?

Giant slide - this way!

The Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation people call it a “giant slide”, so we’ll go with that. I’m guessing that 96 feet of slide is about the limit for an unattended slide before the lawyers start worrying about liability.

From the top, you see this…

The view from the topAnd from the bottom…

Youngest Daughter on the way downThat’s Youngest Daughter on the way down. She always has that look on her face.

She still has that look on her face.(See?)

It was sufficiently sunny yesterday that I could shorten my shutter speed and freeze the action. Here is Ordinary Spouse boogieing her way down the slide…

Look at her go!

But it was also fun to take a bunch of blurry shots. Here are the girls flying past…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Near the top of the slide, there is a list of rules…

The rules

And if you follow them, you’ll have an enjoyable ride…

But there seems to be some disregard for Rule #2, the one about the wax paper…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And why should you be concerned about the use of wax paper?

Because ignoring that rule may cause your spouse to post embarrassing pictures of you to YouTube!