The weather roller coaster of January 2013 continues. Last week we had single digit (°F) temperatures. Today and tomorrow, we’re topping out over 60 °F. And then it gets colder again.

Forecast - 29 January 2013Although Jacob’s Creek had nearly iced over, it is now flowing vigorously with the snow melt and yesterday’s rain.

Jacob's Creek with snow meltAnd with the warmer temperatures come some adventuresome plants:

I’m not sure about all of these, but I think we have Helleborus (Lenten Rose), Galanthus (Snowdrop), and Narcissus (Daffodil).

Finally, I had meant to mention the tulip poplars two weeks ago. I was writing about trees with easily identifiable winter features – like the retention of dead leaves. Tulip poplars are also quickly spotted right now. (Well – they’re actually pretty obvious year-round because of their tall, straight shape.) But right now they’re topped off with seeds that look like dried flowers.

Tulip poplar seedsI couldn’t get a close-up, so here’s a lovely picture from Wikipedia:

Tulip poplar seeds

(Photo by Didier Descouens)

That’s this week’s update. Snow melting, mud puddles forming, green plants pushing through the dead leaves… It feels like it’s nearly Lent.