(Random notes = things that I’d like to remember, but that nobody else really cares about.)

I didn’t get much blogging done around Christmas time, so I’m thinking back through the last few weeks…

Ok – maybe not that far back. Continuing on…

We spent Christmas with my in-laws in Goshen. You know how ships and planes are rumored to get lost in the Bermuda Triangle? The same thing happens to me in downtown Goshen:

I could easily get pulled in and never return.

We know Santa stopped at our house at Laurelville (since Google was tracking him), but we weren’t there to greet him:

Ordinary Spouse and I aren’t vegetarian yet. One reason may be her family’s traditional Christmas dinner. So tasty.

Christmas steak!
Christmas steak!

Of course, there is only so much Christmas celebration that one can handle:

We interrupt this blog for a shameless bit of brand loyalty. I phoned L.L.Bean on Christmas Day to see if I could redirect a shoe shipment from one address to another, never expecting that I’d talk to a real person. However, they picked up after one ring, handled my request without any difficulty, and threw in express shipping for free – all of which elicited this from me:

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled ‘Random notes’.

After Christmas in Goshen, we transported our prisoners to their next holding facility…Prisoner transport

Or rather, we drove to my parents’ house to celebrate with my family over the New Year’s weekend. This side of the family also has food traditions. My sister will be disappointed that I didn’t get pictures of the oyster stew (not really). I did take a picture of the Pillsbury cinnamon roll Christmas tree, however. When my sister and I were young, this was enough for the family:

IMG_7029With the addition of two spouses and five grandchildren to the family, we need that tree plus an even larger one:


Both sides of the family know how to pick wonderful presents…

Books, music, coffee, chocolate, and money toward a bicycle. I’m grateful.

For the last few years, I’ve looked forward to the weekend following New Year’s…

It was another wonderful weekend. I hope to share one or two brief thoughts in another blog post.

These random notes would not be complete without a comment on the weather. Last Sunday (January 13th!) at Laurelville, the temperature topped out over 70 °F…

Weather - January 13, 2013…and then returned to something more reasonable.

But even though the temperatures during the week were more appropriate for January, the days were still beautiful – as were the evenings. I missed getting a picture one night, but made up for it the next day.

This weekend, it wasn’t quite as nice as last, but it was still unseasonably warm:

Forecast - January 19, 2013Look how things get cold tomorrow.

Finally, we continue to appreciate the work of our cats:

I think that wraps up these random notes. Thanks to those of you (Mom and Ordinary Spouse) who read all the way through!