The Ordinary Family has just returned from an evening out and about. The girls went to the home of a family friend where they learned how to make gingerbread houses out of sugar cubes.

(I suppose those houses no longer qualify as “gingerbread”, but you get the idea. You can imagine how wired they were when we picked them up, having spent a whole evening building things with candy.)

Meanwhile, Ordinary Spouse and I relished this blessing of together time and drove to a nearby Panera for coffee and cards. We played Five Crowns.

Five Crowns

Five Crowns is a rummy-like game where the low score wins. Let’s take a look at that score sheet, shall we?

Score sheet

There are a total of eleven rounds, with three to thirteen cards dealt, depending on the round.

And the final score? I believe I see it there at the bottom…

Final score

Yep – your eyes do not deceive you. Three for me. One hundred forty-two for Ordinary Spouse. It was pretty much a blowout. My fingers get tired just typing her score.

Now… you may recall that Ordinary Spouse awards herself trophies when she wins. (If you haven’t seen these examples, you really should take a look.) And since I had such a resounding win this evening, I thought maybe I’d get a nice trophy. But, no – she drew me that tiny star at the bottom of the score sheet. I had to squint (or use the zoom on my camera) just to see it.

My trophy

But because she is in the Christmas spirit, she added a hook so I could “hang it on the Christmas tree.”

I love you, too. 🙂