We are deep into fall and moving rapidly toward winter. The weather seems to have settled into a routine of chilly temperatures and partly cloudy skies:

Five-day forecast, November 28, 2012

The moon is full at night, which makes for some compelling long-exposure images (even with an old, relatively cheap camera):

The sky at night

Outside, the animals are busy preparing for winter. Middle Daughter managed to take these great pictures of one of our close neighbors…

(You’ll note the snow in these pictures. Although we don’t have any snow as I write, the sight of flurries has now become common.)

Neighbor mouse

May I come into your house?
I’m sorry little mouse, but we’ll kindly ask that you not come into our house. You wouldn’t like the cats anyway.

Mice aren’t the only animals who find human buildings attractive…

Carolina wren
Image by Ken Thomas

On Monday, we had a pair of Carolina wrens in one of the Laurelville buildings. I have no idea how they came in, but Oldest and Middle Daughters joined me in freeing them. If you care to learn how we got them out, Oldest Daughter has described the process on her blog.

I suppose I can’t blame the animals for wanting to come inside. After all, everything is becoming festive!

Our Christmas Tree

We decorated the tree Monday evening, and tradition dictated that we enjoy chocolate pudding cake when we finished!

Youngest Daughter has now slept under the tree for the last two nights, and Middle Daughter joined her on the second. Their sleeping bags are still on the living room floor, so I’m guessing that they’ll be there again tonight.

Ah – the holiday spirit!