(Another special treat – Oldest Daughter’s thoughts on Superstorm Sandy, recorded in her journal during school today.)


They say it’s going to snow!


Now it says it’s going to rain!


They say now that it’s going to snow on Tuesday night!

WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? Good question. On October 30, 2012, the day before Halloween, I woke up and went down the stairs. “Look at this picture,” were my dad’s first words to me. I looked at the picture. It was a picture of our picnic table sprinkled with snow! I looked out; sure enough. The picnic table was sprinkled with snow slush!


As the morning brightened, rain drizzles became more visible. But my dad called from the office and said the waterfall was DUMPING HARD!

So we got in our warm winter jackets and headed outside. When I stepped out, I suddenly became aware of the loud rush of the creek. We hurried over to our little creek* and found it was the most full we had ever seen it!

* Ed. note: We have a little, unnamed creek that runs right outside our back porch. It eventually feeds into Jacob’s Creek – the big creek running past camp. Jacob’s Creek is probably the one Middle Daughter heard, but she investigated the small one first.

Seeing BIG splashes, we hurried over to Jacob’s Creek.There were two enormous logs stuck in the middle of the creek! The creek itself, though, was at least one foot deeper than it usually was; maybe even two feet deeper!

We walked down to the office, but not by the lookout by the waterfall, because there was a huge hole made by water! We went to John’s office** (he wasn’t working) and saw the waterfall DUMPING! Words can’t describe how big it was! Even Brenda**, who has worked here for 16 years, had not ever seen it this full!

** John is Laurelville’s executive director; Brenda is the director of group reservations and guest services.

Then my sisters went to build a snowman out of the patches of snow slush. My mom and I watched them build while we huddled under our umbrellas, hiding from the cold, whipping wind. Their ‘slushman’ (or at least that’s what I call it!) turned out to be more of a snowpecker, so that’s what we called it. After ten minutes or so, we got cold, so we went home.

After lunch, it started SNOWING! Unfortunately, lots of it falls, but none of it sticks. And ever since this afternoon, it’s been falling – even at 3:52 pm on October 30, the time I wrote this period → .