(Today we have a special treat. Middle Daughter will share her thoughts on Hurricane Sandy. She wrote these in her school journal after a mid-afternoon walk and wondered if I wanted to post them to my blog.)

Here come the leftovers of Hurricane Sandy. One of the most amazing things here is… SNOW! It’s the first snow of the year. I mean – there was January, but that was a long time ago.

I see many things… like snow, of course. Birds, including chickadees, titmice, and another bird we think is a hermit thrush. And last, but not least, we saw three deer.

I can hear a few things, too. Some of the things I can hear are the highway and the creek. The creek isn’t a good creek for whitewater rafting – until now. Well, actually, it’s a little too dangerous for whitewater rafting!

I’ve seen a splash in the creek that was six feet high! I can feel snow on my face, and I can also feel just plain cold. Well, I guess it has to be cold to snow.

Thanks, MD!