(With apologies to Shakespeare…)

The ordinary household is getting excited about the possibility of snow before the end of October! Here is the seven-day forecast, courtesy of Wunderground:

October 25: 7-day forecast(While we’re on the topic of interesting weather, you may as well also note that we topped 80 °F today.)

Actually, we could be in for quite a bit of precipitation according to NOAA. This is the five-day forecast:

NOAA's 5-day precipitation forecastLaurelville is sitting at just about 3″ of precipitation. Just imagine if we could convert all that to snow! Let’s just say that a certain group of young people from Pittsburgh (who will start rolling into camp in eight days) could be in for a really messy weekend…

And what is the cause of all the excitement? Hurricane Sandy is churning north from the Bahamas and may be sitting directly east of us by Tuesday afternoon. So we’ll have a large low pressure system sweeping moisture from the Atlantic and cold air from Canada right on top of us.

Hurricane Sandy

Voila! Nor’easter!