This is Jack (short for Jackal). He is our first cat. He came to live with us when a friend moved and needed to give him up for adoption. He tends to get spooked easily. And he sleeps a lot.


This is Lexi (short for Alexis). She is our second cat. She joined the house when Jack needed a friend, and we adopted her from a shelter. She doesn’t get spooked by much of anything.


Around bedtime last night, Jack came trotting through our living room carrying a mouse. Yes, we live in a house with mice. Happily, our cats are skilled in mouse removal.

“Hmmm… Where did that come from?”  I wondered.

I was horrified to discover that one of our outside doors was open. I quickly called Ordinary Spouse to help me look around the house for Lexi, even though it was already clear that Lexi was gone. She doesn’t pass up the opportunity of an open door (whereas Jack wouldn’t venture out). But neither of them is an outdoor cat.

After an hour and a half of searching outdoors without success, I gave up. I put some blankets and food by the doors so that she could keep herself warm and fed if she came back. And I went to bed with my stomach in knots about this dumb cat. You’d think it was one of my children lost in the cold. I’m such a softie.

I woke up twice in the night, and the second time I went to check at the doors. There she was, looking up at me from outside as if nothing was wrong – except that she wanted to use her litter box. There was no indication of where she had been or what she had been doing.

I was so relieved. 

Tonight, every time I get near a door, she dashes over thinking I’m going to let her out again.

Uh, no.

Now I’m sitting here trying to type and she’s taken up residence on my lap. I don’t even like cats. Humph.

Lap cat
Lap cat

Dumb cat.