Ordinary Spouse is having a mini-reunion at Laurelville with her college roommates. The girls and I are spending the weekend with my parents. We had quite the day in and around Springs, Pennsylvania, yesterday…

The 55th Annual Springs Folk Festival

The Springs Folk Festival invites you to join in the celebration of the arts, skills and labors of our [Casselman Valley] forefathers [and mothers!].

This was the first stop of the day, visiting the area near where my father grew up and my grandparents lived. I spent many days in this community when I was a child.

Springs Cemetery

As we left the festival, we stopped at the Springs Cemetery, which borders the festival grounds. My paternal grandparents are buried there.

Grandma and Grandpa's gravestone
Grandma and Grandpa’s gravestone

Sam Beachy and Sons

From the festival grounds, we drove past the springs for which Springs is named, and then made a short trek to the Sam Beachy and Sons (and granddaughters and great-grandchildren and others?). On one side of the business, there was a whole array of snow blowers waiting for their tune-up in preparation for winter. Our destination was on the other side – apple cider and apple butter making. After Dad purchased two gallons of cider, we got to watch cider production in progress.

Apple cider production
Apple cider production

I’ve sampled lots of cider and apple butter. I still haven’t found any better than they sell in Niverton.

The Casselman

The Casselman Inn is a historic hotel on the National Road in Grantsville, Maryland. I’ve never slept there, but I’ve eaten their food! I bought a mincemeat pie. (Given more time, I probably would have eaten the buckwheat pancakes.)

Penn Alps and the Spruce Forest Artisan Village

We didn’t actually stop here, since many of the artisans were at the festival. But I have to recommend it anyway, since it’s such a cool place.

Hill Top Fruit Market

Visit Candyland! (It’s just a store, but they have lots of bulk candy.)

Page’s Ice Cream

By the end of the day, we had left the Casselman Valley and were back to my parents’ house. And when you’re at my parents’ house you go to Page’s for ice cream, even if it’s a cool night in the middle of October.

That’s the story from yesterday. I apologize to the grandmothers for not having more pictures of their grandchildren.