There isn’t any story to hold this post together. I’m just sharing pictures from the last few days, because I know that the grandparents like to see their grandchildren.

And my father likes paper wasp nests.

This past weekend while Ordinary Spouse and Oldest Daughter were in Illinois, Middle Daughter, Youngest Daughter and I stayed behind. On Saturday, MD and YD floated boats in the duck pond…

Middle Daughter's boat

Youngest Daughter's boat

And climbed on rocks. (Laurelville is famous for its rocks.)

Youngest Daughter

Middle Daughter


Tonight after OS and OD returned home, we went for a walk to Sunset Hill. During the walk, we spotted three ghosts…

Spooky ghost #1

Spooky ghost #2

Spooky ghost #3

We took random family photos…

Cute couple
Aren’t they sweet?
Goofiness all around
I think that we’re watching for birds.

The women

The women, again

Some “nature” photos thrown in for good measure. Be sure to check out the bald-faced hornet nest!

And this is why we call it Sunset Hill…