Well… here we go with another round of creatures sneaking out of the forest and into our house. I better get used to it.

First, we caught a fishing spider just a couple of feet from our bed…

Fishing spider

Other than the tarantulas that my father kept as pets, this is the biggest spider that I’ve seen. It was roughly four inches in length. We observed it for a few days and then released it back into the wild.

Then on Saturday, it was mice…

Duh. They came from outside. Hopefully, the cats have encouraged them to return there.

However, if the cats can’t convince the mice to leave, perhaps this fellow will…

Black snake

This 4′ or 5′ black snake was sunning itself on one of the stone pillars of our house. I tried to remove it, but it retreated into that hole in the wall.

Oh, well – could you find the mice while you’re in there?