Twice before, while my family lived in Illinois, I blogged about what my work day looked like. Now that we’re living and working at Laurelville, I thought it might be fun to do it again – but with a twist.

Actually – I wondered what my path would look like on a busy day of hosting. And it just so happened that last Friday was a busy day. We had roughly 200 people leaving and another 200 coming in. We (the camp staff) had to meet the needs of our guests, clean up after the departing groups, and get set up for those who were arriving. So I charged up my GPS device and tracked my movements during the course of the day. The YouTube video below is the result.

A little bit of orientation:

  • The video window is slightly less than one mile across. The extremes of my travels are thus about half a mile, east to west.
  • I begin and end at our house. In between, I visit many Laurelville buildings – the Dining Hall, Office, Motel, Shenandoah, Meetinghouse, Guesthouse, Solarhouse, Youth Village, Zurich, Lodge, Danzig, and maintenance and housekeeping buildings – in no particular order.
  • According to my GPS device, I traveled a total of 18.1 miles. Some was on foot. Most was in a golf cart.
  • My girls have decided to call me Señor Seis because when you dial ‘six’ from any on-campus phone, you get the host carrying the on-call phone. Half the time, that’s me.

It will be hard to read all of the captions. That’s part of the point. Enjoy!