When last I wrote, I was shutting down my work computer in Illinois. Now I’m getting things rolling in Pennsylvania. In the last ten days…

  • I panicked when I thought that I couldn’t get all of our remaining belongings into my car in order to move them with me from IL to PA. Then I had to do a little extra “persuading”. A few rolls of toilet paper were sacrificed.
  • I was glad to lead singing during worship on my last Sunday at Lombard Mennonite Church. We celebrated two baptisms and communion, and the women who were baptized chose the songs. I started my trip east after lunch at the church.
  • On the way east, I stopped for the night with my in-laws in Goshen. I got there just in time for grilled pizza and pie. Good timing.
  • Last Monday, my brother-in-law and I made the trip from Goshen to Laurelville, arriving in time for supper. My girls were so excited to see me after three weeks that I couldn’t park my car – they were in the way.
  • A week ago was supposed to be a day of rest, acclimation, and unpacking. Alas – one can never overestimate the time it will take to get a new driver’s license.
  • At work, I’ve had a week of new-hire paperwork, orientation, and hosting. I was reminded people come to Laurelville eager to meet God. Sometimes, a fully stocked fire pit enables this to happen. And helping people to meet God is one of the reasons I wanted to come here.
  • I’ve cleaned up chairs, checked trails, and started fires with my girls. Another reason for loving this job.
  • On Sunday, I had enough time off to go to Scottdale Mennonite Church for the first time. It was nice to see old friends and meet new people. We’re looking forward to being involved… but maybe after a little time to get to know the congregation.
  • Ordinary (yet Amazing) Spouse has set up our home internet, and I’m finally updating my blog on my first day off. (The work schedule will be full for the first month, since we’re going to the Wild Goose Festival in a week, and I don’t have vacation time built up yet.)

It’s been a jam-packed ten days. At times I’ve felt like I’ve been drowning in information overload. But I’m so thankful to be here now.