After a recent biopsy came back positive for basal-cell carcinoma, my physician wasted no time in scheduling an operation to get the cancer removed. Today, I took a long lunch break for a relatively quick outpatient procedure.

The surgery center had me come in an hour early as they would most patients, but since I was having a minor procedure, it turned out that I had a sizable chunk of extra time. I hung out in a pre-op room in my stylish hospital garb for about half an hour, waiting for an operation room to become available. When space opened up, things moved along quickly.

The most painful part of the whole thing was the injection of the anesthesia. While it was being injected, it felt like my face was being stung by a swarm of bees. But after that was done, I was good to go.

It was a local anesthesia, so I was alert throughout the operation. This led to the discovery that the doctor and her team kept a pop radio station playing in the operating room. I just figured that operating rooms would be very serious and business-like places. Apparently they like some background music. The bad news was that the pop songs were predictably annoying. The good news is that the team worked so quickly that I only had a chance to hear three of them*. Based on that, I’m thinking that they had the tumor out and the wound stitched in roughly fifteen minutes.

* Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, and Katy Perry were on while I was lying on the table. Even the nurses were making fun of their music selection.

I spent about as much time in the recovery area as I would for a blood donation. After a quick stop at home to snap a picture, I was on my way back to work.

My wound

(Here is my mostly ordinary wound. It turned out that it got a bit more disgusting as the day went by, but nothing too bad.)

Throughout the afternoon, I was feeling great, and this evening I went to my congregation’s Wednesday night supper and prayer. And that’s when the anesthesia decided to wear off. So I left early, came home, and avoided doing anything else this evening (except blogging!).

Now I’m going to try to sleep off this dull throb that I’ve got going. Hopefully, I won’t roll over…

Tomorrow, I’m allowed to wash things off. In a week, the stitches come out – just before I leave for Pennsylvania.