Moving isn’t easy. I know that. I know that there will be hurdles and sadness and…

Well – you probably know all this, as well.

But today I had a particularly hard moment…

Although we have moved all of our things, I’m still at the old house while I finish up my employment at Argonne. Ordinary Spouse and the girls are busy setting up home at Laurelville.

Late this afternoon, our doorbell rang. It was our young neighbor and his father wondering if Youngest Daughter was here. Could she come out to play?

“I’m sorry,” I said. “She has moved to Pennsylvania.”

“We miss her,” said his father.

In the grand scheme of things, this move has been brewing for a while. I needed to find a career that would be life-giving. This move is the beginning of that transition.

But sometimes, we don’t live in the “grand scheme of things”. Sometimes the view is from the bottom looking up, rather than the top…

I wonder what I’m putting my family through. Do they understand? Can they forgive me for the hard parts?

There are so many dear friends that I’m going to miss here. I really have no way to thank them properly and no good way to say good-bye.

And it doesn’t help that I’m alone in an empty house that’s full of good memories, but also heavy with the pain of a sale that fell apart.

Sometimes I wish I were better at grieving. I’d just sob this all out.

I guess I’ll just blog it out, instead.