Earlier this month, I had a new blog post take over the top spot for “total hits”. Here is a plot of the hits for the top two over time…

Top blog posts

The long-time front-runner was published back in November of 2010. You can see that it shot up to about 300 hits through the end of the year. Then it leveled off through most of 2011, before recording another 200 hits or so at the end of that year. Now in 2012, it has leveled off again.

The other post was published just over a year ago in May 2011. It had a modest showing through the summer before picking up the pace and consistently gaining ground on the front-runner. Finally on May 4th, it had accumulated enough views to put it into the #1 spot.

So what were these posts, and why such different behavior?

Well – the former leader (in red) is easy enough to explain. It’s a post with images that I created for Advent. When that time of the Church liturgical calendar arrives, people start searching for things to put on their bulletin covers. Voila! Hits on that post.

The new leader (in blue) is a post about my DVT. It gets hits mostly because there seems to be a constant stream of people interested in both the causes of DVTs and the picture of the human circulatory system (which is borrowed from Wikipedia). It’s popularity still surprises me, but it is fairly consistent in receiving two or three hits per day.

At this point, there doesn’t appear to be any other post that could overtake the current leader. Maybe I should start getting controversial!