Life is a bit crazy right now… finishing one job, starting another, moving our family to Pennsylvania, trying to sell our house.

And then I found out today that I have cancer.

Ok – that sounds pretty bad. In my case, I’m told by my physicians that it’s not.

What I have is a basal-cell carcinoma. These things are slow-growing and rarely cause problems (except that they might look ugly). Thirty percent of Caucasians will supposedly get one in their lifetime, and 80% of the cases will be on the head or neck. (Thank you, Wikipedia.)  So there you go – that describes my situation pretty well. (Mine is right beside my ear.)

My doctor says that we don’t worry about it; we just get rid of it. So next week, I’ll have it removed, have stitches for a few days, and maybe have a little scar to remind me to always protect myself from the sun.

And pray that I don’t need to blog about this again.