Two years ago, I wrote some haiku for the Year C Lenten lectionary passages. I thought that I’d try again this year with the scriptures for Year B.

Week 1 (Mark 1.9-15)

He’s hearing voices
And living with wild beasts
And we call him ‘Lord’.

Week 2 (Mark 8.31-38)

I’ll have to forgive
Peter for thinking that death
was sub-optimal.

Week 3 (John 2.13-22)

Money-changers would
limit access to the ‘haves’,
But God loves the poor.

Week 4 (John 3.14-21)

Strange ambulance snake?
A sanitized reminder
of amazing love.

Week 5 (John 12.20-36)

Was the Greek request
Lost somewhere in translation?
Game of telephone

Ok – dear readers… it’s your turn. Do you have some Lenten haiku for one of these passages? Or would you like to pour your creative juices into something for Week 6? (It’s the Palm Sunday passage from Mark 11.)