Well – it’s been fun seeing how I’ve picked up a bunch of new readers/followers in the last few months as I wrote the story of my family’s trip to Cambodia. It seemed that anything that I tagged with ‘travel’, ‘Cambodia’, or ‘photos’ brought in new people. Alas, I’m turning my attention to the more routine things in my life now, which I’m afraid will bore many of you — long-time and recent followers alike.

It has been a while since I updated the list of books on the nightstand (or scattered thereabouts). Of the seven books that I listed last year and the three that I added this past summer, I’ve finished five (and still need to report on one) and am still reading five. Some never get finished.

Nevertheless, I continue to add more books. Without further ado, here’s the reading list as it now stands, with books from last February (*) or July (^) marked…

And here are the books that are just waiting for a chance to make it onto the list above. Some have already made it to the nightstand, but I’ve only looked at the first chapter. Some haven’t been opened at all. Some are arriving in the mail today. Some – thankfully – haven’t entered the house (yet…).

I think I must resist adding to this list unless I either finish or remove books already on it.