Ordinary Spouse’s grandparents sold their farm yesterday. A few years ago, it was named an Iowa “Century Farm” for having been in the family for over 100 years. However, the younger generations in the family don’t include farmers, and it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to find a place that didn’t require as much TLC. So yesterday, the farm was sold at auction.

I really wished that I could have been there, but work didn’t allow me to get away. So I asked OS to take lots of pictures for me, and I watched Facebook throughout the day, since her cousins were posting pictures. Here are some views of the event…

(Photos by OS and Shantell.)

The farm and auction notice.

Don’t park in the bean field. The stubble can puncture tires. Park across the lane in the corn field.

The homestead.

OS’s aunt and uncle will be keeping the barn quilt.

The family arrives early and tries on old Mennonite head coverings. This may look like a serious picture. Don’t bet on it.

The barn is now empty.

So is the living room.

The house and barn…

Did I mention that this was in Amish country?

This last picture is actually interesting when you know what you’re looking at. Since there were going to be a number of Amish families attending the auction, Grandma and Grandpa needed a hitching post. They ran a rope between the tree and the tractor, and voila! Ready-made hitching post for tying up your horse!